Quantum Healing Solution/Infinite Light Center – December Newsletter


Happy holidays surfers of the great wave of light.  As we enter the last month of 2019, it is a good time to reflect on the past and envision our highest potential future. 

Time seems to be going faster and faster.  The year has flashed by in what seems to be a blur.   Many changes in our lives and the world are developing.   2019 adds up to twelve.  We are in a twelve year.  The astrological alignments have been coming into place to potentially spring us into a new paradigm.  Our bodies have been and are continually being adjusted to the higher frequencies that are cascading through all matter on this planet.  Our much-loved Terra has been adjusting as well.  The sun is poised to push us through the eye of the needle and manifest the shift, literally, as the great wave of light catalyzes us up an octave to 5D.  2020 is an activation year. The year that many changes manifest.  It is the acceleration of the manifestation of the new paradigm.  So new awareness, new opportunities, new ways of doing and being in a higher frequency energy will be the theme as the old Piscean age continues to dissolve and new systems based on unity consciousness come into existence.  How fast this shift occurs and how smooth and comfortable the transition occurs depends on us. Do we stand up for ourselves and demand an honest and just governmental system with new and more efficient technologies and operating structures that are actually accountable to the people?  Do the corporate conglomerates, bureaucracies, religions and governments adjust to the new energies?

We are the change.  As our awareness increases, we are spurred to self-empowerment.   All those groups protesting around the world in Hong Kong, France, South America etc. are helping ignite the mass consciousness to stand up for themselves also.  When you are not warm and comfortable with being stripped of your personal rights and robbed of your money, integrity and livelihoods one tends to go into action.

The stars are aligning to the central Sun’s direct influences.  The sources decree of liberation back to 5D for the planet and its various life forms is now manifesting.

The hundred monkey effect works in larger cycles.  Us monkeys are part of a larger group.  The bigger “US” is also in this game of octave jump. We jump, they jump, we all jump.  So, the local cosmos is in this game and we are all connected in the grand scheme of infinitely co-creating infinity.

Happy Holidays surfers of the great wave.  In grateful wonderment to All   Countless blessings to you all


Tom Hogan


As we turn the last page to that wonderful December month, we are encouraged to take a brief look behind at what this year has brought and taught us.  Where were you January 1?  Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually, Personally, Relationship Related, Job Related, Family Related?  Are you better off today or are you still stuck at the cross-roads trying to decide which direction to take?  Have you taken that deep breath and walked boldly (baby steps count) on your path to find that what you have been asking for is waiting there for you?


I have shared with many of you that we are to “finish” things before the 2020 arrives.  Whatever that may be…don’t drag that bag of “stuff” across the line to the new decade!  We all experienced the “waves of energy” shifts throughout this year and especially the last few months.  Well, buckle up Buttercup, because the shifts will continue but in a much more fluid way. 


Speaking of “shifting”, I am happy to share with you all that the Infinite Light Center will be moving to a new location by the end of this month.  As Tom shared last month, he will no longer be a part of the Center.We are grateful for his contributions as the Center has grown the past two years.  Beginning January, Rev. Celeste Anne Schroeder and Holly Talarchyk  will be joining Theresa Richardson and me at 1400 N. 6th Avenue,  Knoxville  37917 Ste B6 and B7.  Less than a mile from our current location! 


While you are doing your holiday shopping, don’t forget the most important person on the list…YOU!

For this month, I am offering 20% off readings beginning today through December 31.  It must be “booked” and fulfilled by January 12.  This includes phone readings also.  30 minutes – $48  45 minutes – $72  60 minutes – $96

Contact me at (706) 518-1029 or maryjo.channeler@gmail.com to make an appointment.



With much thanks and appreciation for the love and support this year.  May 2020 be your BEST life experience yet!

Mary Jo




Gentle Chair Yoga, Movement & BreathWork Classes

with Teresa Surya Ma McKee                       Wednesdays from 10:45 am- 11:45 am

 A series of easy, simple, and gentle movements that reduce stress, pain, and low energy and increase flexibility, balance, strength, and calmness.  $10 per class. Prepay 6 classes and receive a 1 hour private phone session.   (https://www.facebook.com/messages/t/TeresaSuryaMaMcKee#    


Meditation for Lunch     

Wednesdays     Noon to 1 pm with Theresa Richardson

Pack a lunch and join us at noon for a variety of fun meditations in community.  Contact Theresa for more info. $5. 


Metaphysics 101 with Angelyn Nicholson  

Every Other Tuesday     7 – 9 PM

These classes are a basic introduction of how to get started and get a little traction on a metaphysical path.  There will be a portion of introduction to metaphysics and discussion and a portion for Q&A. May be taken individually or as a series.    $25 per class.  More info colorofkismet.com

  Dec. 10– Christ Consciousness       January 7– Akashic Records with In Full Sight      January 21– Setting Intentions


Your Multidimensional Self                       3 Class Series with Theresa Richardson

December 14,       1:30 to 4 pm

Designed for intermediate and advanced metaphysical students who have some experience with meditation.  We will explore a system for defining the dimensions and multiple aspects of the self throughout the ages.  $33 per Class    Please RSVP with Theresa.

                                                                             Dec 14- “Who Are You Becoming?”


Infinite Light Healing Circle     

2nd Sunday each Month: 2 – 4 PM          Dec 15, Jan. 12, Feb. 9

Join us for energy healing, relaxation, stress reduction in community.  All practitioners certified in energy healing welcome.  Reiki, Quantum Healing, Healing Touch and others.  Uncertified people needing treatment welcome.  Cost:  Donation     Please RSVP with Theresa.

Vision Board Party   Sunday, Dec 29    1 – 4 PM

At new location;  1400 N. 6th Avenue  Knoxville  37917  Ste. B6

 This is The Infinite Light Center’s Annual Vision Board Party.  A great time to plan and vision for 2020!  All materials to make your Vision Board are provided.  You can, of course, bring any special pictures you would like to use.  Light snacks will be served.  $25.  Must RSVP with Theresa so we will have enough supplies.  To pre-register – See www.theresarichardson.com/services .


For sessions and classes with Mary Jo: maryjo.channeler@gmail.com  or call  (706) 518-0129

For sessions and classes with Tom:  quantumhealingsolution@gmail.com  or call (865) 607-7868.


For sessions and classes with Theresa:  theresarichardson.com or call (865) 705-2525



All classes and services are held at the Infinite Light Center unless otherwise designated.

428 East Scott Ave, Suite 107, in Knoxville