Quantum healing sessions were developed by Tom Hogan and taught to Mary Jo Tarvin as a unique method of energy work allowing him to identify energetic blockages.  He then works with the chakra systems to release the blockages, cleanse and recalibrate the energetic body to the highest frequency available to the client.  The energy work he does has many proven benefits including profound increase in thought clarity, balanced disposition, renewed sense of self, physical changes of healing of ailments, flushing out effects, seeing brighter colors and feeling more grounded. Many of Tom’s clients have reported these results continuing to propel them forward as inner growth continues for months after the session was performed.


The equinox has ushered in Spring and March ends with another magnificent Blue Moon.  Many powerful shifts occurred and more are to come.  April arrives with everything springing back to life.  The waves of energy continue to accelerate and as the flowers bloom, we bloom too!  The internet has been viral on the coming “Event”.  I think it has been in progress with multiple waves of energy continuing to awaken us.  The skies will yield the colors of Divine Love to fill our eyes with wonder and our hearts with incredible joy as we reconnect to the great oneness of who we really are.

Mary Jo and I would like to thank everyone who came to the Crystalline Light EXPO and received mini sessions, readings or stopped to say “HI”!  It was a special day.  A big “THANK YOU” to Theresa Richardson for making the EXPO a reality.  She continues to help so many and promotes alternative healers to the east TN community.

Go ahead and mark your calendars for Saturday, November 10 for another EXPO event!








Infinite Light Center
428 E. Scott Avenue, Suite B10, Knoxville, TN 37917

Our center is in the basement and easy access is through the alley behind the building.  Ample, lighted, and secure parking in a fenced area is available there.  You may access it halfway down Harvey St.  If you get to Oklahoma Ave you’ve gone too far!