Quantum healing sessions were developed by Tom Hogan and taught to Mary Jo Tarvin as a unique method of energy work allowing him to identify energetic blockages.  He then works with the chakra systems to release the blockages, cleanse and recalibrate the energetic body to the highest frequency available to the client.  The energy work he does has many proven benefits including profound increase in thought clarity, balanced disposition, renewed sense of self, physical changes of healing of ailments, flushing out effects, seeing brighter colors and feeling more grounded. Many of Tom’s clients have reported these results continuing to propel them forward as inner growth continues for months after the session was performed.


Another month hits the books and and we are in the middle of a series of astrological and astronomical alignments that are ushering in opportunities for growth and awakening in breath taking short periods of time. It is best to flow with it and ask for guidance in all aspects of our life. As high frequency source waves continue to infuse  every atom of our planet and everything that it is composed of, seen and unseen, it is wise to allow the flow of these changes and energies to travel through our beings with gratitude and the mindset that these are blessings we are ready and willing to feel and transmute with to assist us in our journey  and we are most fortunate to be incarnate at this time to help this planet back to her rightful place as a 5D Galactic being, the Blue Diamond of the Milky Way. The Living Library of this local Universe. Now is the time to up your game and rise with her and take your place as a divine sovereign being co-creating the universe with Cosmic Love and Light as your paint and canvas.

And so It Is.

Much Cosmic Love and Light Always


Well, since this past weekend was “Tax Free Weekend”, that can only mean that school bells will soon be ringing for those just beginning (oh I remember those days!) whether it is kindergarten, middle school, junior high, high school or even those wonderful institutes of higher learning…colleges and universities!

The 4th has come and gone with its picnics and fireworks, so it will only be a slip and a slide and we will be hearing those jingle bells ringing and counting the days to “Auld Lang Syne”! Where has 2018 gone??

First, let me ask you a question. What have you done so far this summer to take care of yourself?

Gone on vacation (stressful), visited your family (could be stressful), moved your residence (stressful), changed jobs (stressful), taken up a new hobby (fun), treated yourself to a very “selfish” ME day – doing exactly what you have waited and wanted to do all year – fishing, camping, seeing a new movie, spa day – whatever your heart desired (definitely NOT stressful)!

With all of the additional – sometimes stressful – events, lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, retrogrades, planetary alignments (WOW!), how have you dealt with it all?  Shrugged it off saying it really hasn’t affected you all that much, stayed in bed and covered your head until it is over, or just flowed with it and ridden the waves?

I guess this is leading up to the suggested response to all of the above…

Why add any additional STRESS to your life when just getting through the day is monumental?

Why not be kinder and gentler with you when you are surrounded with sand paper?

Aren’t you deserving of a little” fun for yourself – however you would describe that, picture that, create that.

There are five months – or 22 weeks – or 154 days remaining in this year.  How will you remember 2018?  Do yourself a favor and release/let go of the past (whatever it is), forgive those whom you need to forgive (only take your 50% though), forgive yourself (the other 50%), make peace with yourself and go create the BEST possible life for YOU!

Don’t listen to those whose only advice to you is, “you can’t do this, you can’t do that, can’t, can’t, don’t, don’t.”  What do they know?  What have they done? What are they an expert in?

As Lisa Nichols said, “don’t dare dim your LIGHT because others say it is too bright, don’t shrink because they can’t handle it, don’t listen to the dream busters and vision snatchers, turn your LIGHT up because it belongs to all of us, turn your LIGHT up until it is soooo bright…all you have to do it hand them a pair of shades”!!

Mary Jo




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